Sunday, January 4, 2009

The blog day 1

10 days of work left - it feels scarey and exciting and I must say that as another blizzard blows outside I look forward to being in the southern hemisphere in less than a month - 
Meanwhile my lists of things to do get longer and I have to make some serious decisions and get to the action part -

Just trying this blog business out so that I can cross that off the list too


  1. How brave to have all those photos of you and not a sign of stress! I know that you are now all set to go and wish you every happy experience and lots of laughs and many a sip of wine; bon chance et à bien tot , Marion

  2. I've found Marion's but have also found mine and one from Betty. Ours were under "the blog day 1".Hope you are feeling good today about all your stuff leaving you for a while. Sounds as though you are organized. See you Sat. G

  3. You are off tomorrow,I wish you the best of everything, especially the time of your life!!! it will be great,thankyou for the card & the picture of the barn. I'm going to check it out next weekend. I will be thinking about you, & who knows what April will bring in ways of holidays for me. You are already missed @RAMH.ENJOY!! Lillian