Friday, May 29, 2009

Last week in Southern hemisphere

So my last week here has been just great and I shall be sad to leave tomorrow - a week filled with new hospitality, new adventures, goldfields, outback, train journeys, sunshine, new people and even a bit of romance!
Quite the ending for this last 4 months!
I had a lovely visit with JoyAnne's friends Ian and Pam who live in Perth - their garden is lizard friendly and they had lots of blue tongued lizards lounging in the sun - they are growing their own vegetables and are very environmentaly aware - they built a house, then a boat and lived on the boat for 4 years - Joyanne met them in Tonga at that time - anyway had a lovely visit with them and Ian rode back to Kings Park with me.
Monday I took the train 700km to Kilgoorlie where the goldfields are - there is a massive "Super Pit" there and the town has a real frontier feel to it - "skimpys" in the bars and 3 brothels next to the backpacker!
It also has some lovely old buildings from the wealth of 110 years ago - and of course another side which is the new quite luxurious homes -
One of the things its famous for is that there is a pipe line to take the water there from Perth which has been there for almost 100 years - the earth is very red and the vegetation scrubby and very sage green and I was reminded on Utah. It is very flat. I visited the Flying Doctors base there which was interesting - its certainly a pretty essential service to these remote communities.
Back to Perth on Wednesday and visited the museum and then yesterday met up with Ian who I had met on Rottnest at the beginning of my time here - we had a great day together and enjoyed one another's company.
Today Peter took me to visit his work which was impressive - they have all these huge trucks being loaded with all manner of things which will be taken up to the NW corner of Oz. Quite the operation and lots of work!
So tomorrow I leave for Auckland at 7.30pm and then have Sunday in Auckland leaving Sunday night at 7.30 and arriving in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 - Amazing -
Then onto the next exciting installment on Angela's adventures.
so this time the challenge to write this was not my neighbour though there is some girl singing into the videocam on her computer - its the fact that the space bar doesn't work -
Oh for Mac!
Love and hugs

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  1. Great news! You're on your way home! We, here at Royal Arch, sincerely hope you're planning a visit before you head to England. Can't wait to see you in person! Safe trip home! Karin