Friday, February 27, 2009

Arrived in Dunediin over massive hills

So I am still the blesed one - enjoying this hugely and having all sorts of amazing experiences - I just spent the last 3 days cycling to Dunedin from Oamaru - beside huge long beaches, on quite a lot of side roads rather than the highway - which is pretty busy with truck traffic - and visiting small communities and talking to everyone - The last 2 days I had BIG hills to cross and managed them just fine which was exctiting for me - I was feeling quiqte daunted by the size and steepness but happy that these were both little used side roads so I could wobble my way up with no cares.
In Dunedin today and tomorrow going on an old railway line called the Otaga Rail trail - the grade should be a bit more biker friendly! It is 150 km and I am taking 4 days - then back here again next w/e before heading north -
Had some great experiences - Met the female team NZ ice hockey goalie on the bus to Oamaru - sat next to a woman artist - a book designer - who was holding a huge basket of vegetables including a large bunch a basil - we talked the whole way and she told me about a great restaurant in Moerecki so I had a fantastic dinner at Fleurs restaurant - this little village where I had a tiny cabin overlooking the water, fishing boats - and the restuarant. Stopped at Shag Point and stopped at a gallery for a coffee and met James - a most interesting and creative man who had the "to die for" home - super neat visit and more home/garden ideas for Courtenay - stayed at a hostel called The Assylum Lodge which the chap Frank had made into a very positive and happy place as a hostel - still haunted me with the thoughts of all those poor people - got here about 3 and showered and wandered off to make arrangements for the train/bike route and then on to the huge and lovely Botanical Gardens.
Am running out of minutes on this internet - am of the the Farmers Market for breakfast and then to the Museum and Art Gallery - Its foggy today and I thinkin I will wait to see the Albatross till next w/e when I should be back here.
Might go the "The Last Night of the Proms" concert with an interesting woman from Paris tonight - how wiered is that! Its all very British around here! I fit right in!

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