Thursday, February 12, 2009

Banks Peninsular tramp

Yup I'm still smiling! It was amazing - highlights of course were the views the flaura and the penguins! The accomodation in the huts was fun as well as the group of people who were on the tramp at the same time - 13 of us - the oldest Dorothy age 75 with her daughter Chris - super nice friendly people -
first night I slept in a stargazer hut - a little cabin with glass roof - the moon was so bright I had to wear my eye mask! kind of defeated the purpose you think! I loved it - anyway another highlight the hut at Flea Bay was full and so I got to stay at my own little cottage in the middle of the fields - no-one else around - no power and just right for me! - the Stony Bay huts are famous with the outdoor bathtub heted with a wood fire underneath - loved that! Yesterday the weather was a bit wet so got to climb back up though the Hanawai reserve in ther rain - the giant tree ferns and the red beech forests looked even beter int he rain - the horizontal rain this morning has stopped and it is quite bright out there now - I am back in Christchurch and Jane Lee's friends Cosmo and Sarah have offered for me to visit them - Sarah will meet me in town as they live in Lyttleton which is the harbour and "character" part of Christchurch - supposed to be very beautiful - looking forward to that - hope they don't mind me arriving with my dirty tramping clothes - my feet are still wet from yesterday!
Not sure what next week will bring but Robert is in town on Sunday so plan to link up with him for a visit anyway -
Its hard to believe its been less than 2 weeks since I got here - and I have 3 months! Life is GOOD! I am the lucky one!
Shall try to get photos on for the next blog!


  1. I am soooooooo excited for you! WHO'S ROBERT?
    Sounds so great & meeting so msny new friends We do miss you. Kimberly had a healthy baby girl Belle Patricia Begley We are all very happy. Ami
    Everything is well here Betty boop, Sonny & cher & the Surpreens were fantastic entertainment today. I love your new term Tramping around. Wow the fawna sounds great. Oh and your friend pat from RAMH was lookin for you we haven't stopped blaming it on Angela. Tramp away my friend, Tammy

  2. Hi Angela, you are so missed, but better still sounds like you are having the best time. All turned out well for hubby Barry, the lump on his leg was an old injury [60yrs old] that was turning into bone in the middle of his muscle.So now we are thinking of going to Mexico late March. Are you watching the weather in Aussie ? hope it is not so hot in April. Jeanette says she is going to write to you on your email as she is not sure about this blog thing.Like Tammy says keep on tramping, Luv Lillian

  3. Hi Angela,
    Great to hear your news and that you are having quite the adventure. Good for you!
    Cindy is joining my brother & I skiing to Sun Peaks for a couple of days next week.
    Though we still have snow in our yard, it is starting to feel like spring. Yeah!
    Look forward to further blogs. What a great idea!