Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi there!
I am heading off to the airport right now!!! 3.00 Sunday Feb 1
Can't believe its happening at last - thanks to everyone for the comments and especially for all your support!
I'm off to the sunshine!
Talk soon
love and hugs


  1. Angie
    Congratulations on doing it!!!! Hope you had a good flight, we have all been thinking of you. Great pictures, the neighbour is really going to enjoy this!
    With love from the Girton lot

  2. So glad to hear you arrived and were met. Hope you had a good 'tramp' today. Skiing was amazing then home to find a snowdrop out! We have the map of NZ on the office wall so we can follow your travels!
    Love and hugs G

  3. Whoohoo!!!! We're at work & found your email & are checking out your blog. I am sooooo impressed that you are sooooo techno in your old age!! Ami
    The Poster is amazing & a great gift Thank you Keep us up to date on alll the travels We'll be looking for more! THE ETEAM

  4. Hi angela, sounds like you have had a great start and wondering where you are now?? i look forward to some pictures. Make sure you contact Eleanor in Wanganui if you can. Lots of love and enjoy the wonderful ice cream there. love betty